When taking photos of a family, you can always be a little creative to add some more interest to the images. However, not everything works. You can’t turn a family’s photo into a “posterized” version of itself but you can definitely add a little creative touch to it in other ways. Here are some ways I do this for my shoots:

  1. I turn photos black and white because there’s a certain timelessness and elegance about black and white photos. They capture a person’s expressions and emotions beautifully, and there’s nothing better than a family photo where there are no distracting elements in the frame and your focus goes directly goes to the faces. 
  2. I turn the photos soft by dialing back the ‘clarity’ in my photos. I shoot in RAW so this is very easy to do and can make the images look very flattering and pleasing. I feel that with all this obsession with ‘sharp’ images, people sometimes forget that portrait photography looks very good when the details and colors are a little softer.
  3. I turn the background into HDR and then use a little Photoshop magic to place it behind a family portrait. This helps a lot when the lighting is tricky and I want to use a landscape as a backdrop. So I take a photo of the family with the landscape, then I stay in the same spot and take multiple exposures of the same backdrop. Later, I merge these exposures in Aurora HDR 2018 and use Photoshop to place it behind the family.

These are a few very interesting ways to take family photos to the next level. I always encourage photographers to be creative with the way they take family photos because you’ll never know how good your photos can look if you stick to conventional techniques.