How I Take Family Photos

I have to admit that taking family photos is one of the most time consuming and toughest things to do as a professional photographer. That is because when you’re dealing with a family, you have to think about small details and expressions that need to be captured. A family portrait is something that the subjects are going to look at and keep with them forever.

So without keeping you guys waiting any longer, here are some of the things I do to take great family photos:

  1. I make them feel comfortable. Because when people are comfortable around their photographer, they act naturally. On the other hand, if you make people feel conscious about how they look and how they act, your photos will come out very artificial-looking. You need to capture the family as they are, not a robotic version of them with plastered on smiles.


  1. I look for candid shots. Because these are what matter to me more than posed photos. Candid photos are as natural as can be, and show the true personality of a person. They also make for much better and happier memories.


  1. I try being creative. Because otherwise, your photos won’t have anything that other photographers’ don’t. I often take HDR photos and edit the results in Aurora HDR. I also use other photo editors to try different visual effects like vintage and monochrome.



  1. I use different lenses. Because it’s important to have all the tools you might need. I usually take photos with a 35mm prime lens with a wide aperture for smooth backgrounds. For bigger groups, I use a wider focal range. For candid photos, I tend to use a telephoto to capture those natural moments from a distance.


  1. I shoot from different perspectives. Because a family photo doesn’t always have to be from the very front. Why not take an aerial shot with a drone? Or why not lie down on the ground and take a photo from there?


These are just a few of my favorite things to do when taking photos of a family. Remember to always think of your subjects as human beings who want to be comfortable around you. Try your best to be creative in the way you take photos because it’s often the photos that your subjects aren’t aware of which they end up loving the most.


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